How to grow your hair quickly: Part 1


About 2.5 years ago, I was guzzling a bottle of white wine with my friend and looking    for hair inspiration. I found it; a sort of tousled, choppy long bob. We got excited, certain that it would suit me and pleased that it was just long enough to pop into a ponytail on occasion. I must add that I was not a trained hairdresser at this point but still thought that cutting my own (shoulder blade length) hair with a pair of kitchen scissors while my friend provided encouragement was a great idea.

This should be obvious, but never cut your own hair while under the influence.

It was the worst hair cut I have ever had. Instead of being an inch below my chin, it sort of tickled my ear lobes. It was uneven. It was plain disgraceful. Every time  it grew an inch I had to have an inch cut back off to try and fix the base cut. Hell, it was a mullet. Why am I disclosing this you wonder? Well, after that, I made it my quest to find ways to grow my hair as fast as it possibly could so that I could forget the experience. I’ve tried every possible method, and know exactly how to max out your hair growth. If you’ve had a botched haircut, maybe had some postpartum hair loss or just feel like channeling Rapunzel, then keep reading.

This is Part 1, and is all about essential oils for hair growth.

I mixed up this blend after some intensive research. It combines the best essential oils, in exactly the correct amounts to boost growth.

Things you need:

120ml Jojoba Oil (brilliant especially if you’ve had some postpartum hair loss)

6 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

8 drops Lavender Essential Oil

6 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

6 drops Thyme Essential Oil

4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Dark glass bottle

If you want to use ylang ylang or clary sage in place of two of these oils then just substitute them.

This is now super easy. Pour the jojoba oil into the dark glass bottle, add the essential oils, pop the lid on and give it a little shake. Done. Store out of direct sunlight.

How to use:

I used the oil twice per week religiously. Once per week I massaged it into my scalp for 2 minutes and then left it for about 20 minutes to absorb. I then shampooed it out and conditioned as normal.

The second use each week was more intensive. I would massage it into my scalp for 2 minutes again (really get the blood flowing), then I would put a hair mask on from the mid lengths of my hair to the ends and then I slept like this. If you’re fresh into a new relationship maybe skip this one…. Not the best look!

Notes: this is very oily so I’d recommend you wash your hair twice. In fact, definitely wash your hair twice!

Anyway, hope this helps you – I can promise you that if you follow this regime then your hair will grow in quicker than it usually does. I can also promise you that fine hair will grow in thicker, dandruff will be reduced and oily scalps will be more balanced. So, what are you waiting for?!

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