Getting my pre baby body back: Tone it Up Bikini Series

I think pregnancy was hard for me. At the end I couldn’t exercise. In fact that’s a fairly polite description, to be honest I couldn’t even roll over in bed. As someone who has always been very active I found this challenging both mentally and physically and was desperate to be done with pregnancy so I could just run! Obviously the idea of an upcoming child was appealing too.

But then I had Conor, and it seemed that it had slipped the mind of my Mum, midwife and friends to tell me that the recovery period is challenging (cheers guys for helping to manage my expectations!).  Conor is now 14 weeks old and I finally have been given the go ahead to exercise properly.

Anyway, as somebody with an exercise/nutrition degree and years playing a competitive sport, I should really be writing up my own regime (like I’ve always done), but I’m sure all you mamas out there know that in between feeds, playtime and cuddles it leaves very little time for YOU. In fact, I stayed in my nightie today as getting dressed just seemed too big of a goal!

So for now I’ve decided to follow a plan called the Tone it up Bikini Series. Tone it up is a website and diet/fitness program run by two personal trainers out in California. They post plenty of workouts, recipes and health tips and tricks on the website for free and they also have a program that you can buy; it maps out all your daily meals and workouts. They’re really fun to watch and they’re all about getting the women involved to sort of band together via forums or instagram. Check them out here: . Just to clarify, the Bikini Series is FREE to follow, you can find out more at


I’m happy to do a review on the program another time but for myself, following the full plan just isn’t right. I’ve spent the last ten years cooking healthy recipes and I love freedom and spontaneity.  If I buy in food for a set plan, I can guarantee that I will instead end up eating the total opposite… I think that’s the rebel in me! Exercise wise, its all common sense. They encourage a combination of cardio, stretching and resistance training but what’s appealing for me at the moment is a. It takes the thinking out of it and b. I can do the videos in the house while Conor is on his play mat or taking a nap (unlikely but I live in constant hope). In addition to the vids I’m going to mix in 3 runs per week while my 2 main men bond. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking you hate to run, you don’t have to, you can do any type of cardio that works for you. Go to your gym, do a bootcamp class or go for a bike ride.


So, for the next 8 weeks I will track my calories and eat my own set meals but I will follow their exercise plan for each week. I’ve weighed myself and am happy to update each week on what I ate, what workouts I did and any results I may have achieved. I’m planning to lose around 7 – 10 pounds but I’m not going to be obsessing over that. At the end of the 8 weeks I plan to write my own regime and I’ll keep you in the loop with that as well.

Stay tuned for the weekly TIU Bikini Series updates and my upcoming post which will reveal an essential oil blend that will reduce cellulite! And yes, that’s a promise!



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