How to grow your hair quickly: Part 3

I’m so excited about this post as I get to be a product junkie, and there’s not many things I enjoy more than hoarding beauty products. We have already discussed scalp massage and supplements that work for hair growth, but now I want to divulge to you all the products that I have used on my hair growth journey that delivered results.  What I really want to stress is that not all of these products delievered immediate growth results (the majority did), but many improved the condition and strength of my hair.  The reason that this is important for anyone looking for long, healthy hair is that it doesn’t matter what you do for growth if your hair has split ends and dry and brittle areas.  All of these things lead to hair breakage which in turns means your hair will never reach it’s full length potential.

What I’m trying to say is target your hair in two ways:

1. Growth products

2. Maintenance and repair products

About my hair: its highlighted, naturally dry with a bend to it when air dried. Oh and I no longer have that self inflicted mullet.


Mane N Tail Shampoo

Originally this shampoo was created for horses and I know I referenced Jennifer Aniston in a previous post about hair, but she apparently was a fan of this for hair growth when she cut her hair short. I also saw that Jessie James Decker uses it (it’s constantly popping up on her instagram) and since her hair is long, thick and clearly in good nick,  I thought she wasn’t a bad ad for this product. It’s great. I really liked the smell, it’s cheap, a pretty big size (335ml) and it left my hair feeling really clean but didn’t strip the natural oils away.


Mane n Tail

This conditioner prevents breakage and split ends and contains oils that nourish the hair and the scalp. This product is to be used on the scalp and throughout the lengths of the hair whereas a normal conditioner is only worked from midlengths to the ends of your hair.  I didn’t have an oily scalp after using this product on my roots, and when I air dried my hair it looked smooth and shiny whereas mine usually ends up fairly unruly without a hairdryer.

**There is a set of shampoo and conditioner by Mane N Tail called herbal pro and I have just ordered that so that I can see how these products compare to the original set. I plan to write a review once I’ve used both products up so keep your eyes peeled.

Scalp Exfoliator

Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask

Now this is a little beauty of a product! I stumbled upon this by accident but decided that a scalp exfoliator just made sense and as a hairdresser I’m always making sure I use clarifying shampoos to reduce product buildup. This product is an extension of that; it works on the idea that your hair follicles can slowly get clogged with oils, dirt and product build up and that if we don’t slough them away that hair growth can be impaired.

I’m going to let you into a little secret. Forget noticing more body in my root area and a 3/4 inch hair growth in a month (I used NO other hair growth products in conjunction with this), ALL the little scalp scabs I had disappeared. Listen, I know that’s rank, but I’m posting on here to share what works and discussing my scalp scabs is a small sacrifice to make…. so, even if you aren’t too bothered about hair growth, this product will improve the health of your scalp dramatically!

Hair Mask

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

I’ve used this product on about 5 separate occasions and that’s saying a lot as I’m pretty fickle. It definitely works, and it doesn’t break the bank in the meantime. You basically massage this into your scalp in the shower (when your hair is wet) and leave it for 5 minutes to soak into the hair follicles. The ingredients in this product stimulate blood flow to the roots of your hair, in turn encouraging growth. I am adamant that not only did my hair grow quicker, but it came throught thicker and stronger.

Hair Mask Accessories

Softhood Dryer

This is a brilliant product that I use for two different things. One, I use it when I want to set my velcro rollers into a bouncy blow dry if I’m off on a night out and two, I use it when I use the aphogee hair reconstructor I mention further down this post. I attach it to my hair dryer and it causes the hair mask to warm up, meaning it penetrates further into the hair shaft = softer hair thats in much better condition. You need this in your life, especially as its so affordable. You could use this with any mask or leave in conditioner, it doesn’t need to be the one that I’m recommending.

Hair Oil

Moroccan oil light

There are two types of Moroccan Oil – the original and the light version. I use the light version as its fomulated for fine and/or lighter hair. If your hair is thicker and can handle a heavier oil being applied to it, then go for the original.  The main ingredient is Argan Oil and it moisturises the hair and protects against humidity and UV rays. I usually pop a few drops in at bed time and plait my hair but you can also apply this to your hair before you blowdry it. I’ve seen a marked improvement in how managable and shiny my hair is the next day (I don’t like to wash it daily) and my hair is prone to looking very ‘bedheady’ without it.

Hair Reconstructor

Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer and Two-Step Protein Treatment

You know what? If I had to buy one product it would be this 2 step treatment.  It is hands down the best thing I have ever purchased for my hair. However, you need to read the instructions and be VERY careful when you use it.  What this does is fuse proteins into your hair, while you heat your hair using your hair dryer.  Over time the hair goes rock hard and if you are not careful you will snap your hair clean off. I hope that doesn’t scare you off as I would go as far as to say that 70% of my split ends and flyaways are gone. After I wash this off my hair it feels like it’s my natural hair and not hair thats been treated with heat and bleach for 10+ years. It is phenomenal and blows Olaplex out of the water.

Hair Mask

ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor

This is a mask that you leave on for 2 minutes that improves strength and softness and it’s better than any mask I’ve every bought from drugstore brands like L’Oreal, Pantene etc.  I like to leave it on for longer and use the hood dryer to yield even better results.  I’ve used it on a number of people and have noticed that the best results are always achieved on people with heavily coloured or damaged hair.  Don’t go for this product if your hair is already in good condition.


The Wet Brush

My Mum actually gave me this a few months ago and it just doesn’t look like anything special.  Well, don’t judge a book by it’s cover!  Nowadays I only own this brush and one brush for blowdrys.  If you love your tangle teaser I think you will be further impressed with this.   This brush moves through any hair type, whether its wet or dry, therefore not ripping any tangles and damaging the hair.  The condition of my hair is so much better since my Mum donated it to me.  Thanks Mum!

I hope this post has helped you and made you think of a few products to try in the future.   I’m also hoping it didn’t bore you to tears as it was pretty long winded! Let me know in the comments if you have questions or want to know more.

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