Tasty Diet Recipe: Tone it Up Chocolate Banana Bread Muffins

These are honestly the tastiest snack ever. I don’t know about you but yes, I want to get back in shape but no, I don’t want to deprive myself of a tiny bit of chocolate. I decided to try this recipe out but to be honest I had low expectations. I mean what muffin made with mashed bananas and protein powder is going to taste like chocolate banana bread? Um, THIS ONE! When I diet or am eating fairly clean I will often buy protein bars online (like Think Thin Bars) but these had less artificial ingredients in, were way cheaper and they didn’t taste ‘diety’ the way many lower calorie diet snacks taste. Give them a go, I give you my word they’re great.

The link to the recipe is here, I split mine between 7 muffin cases so I could eat one every morning as a snack and they ended up about 250 calories. They’re so tasty that my boyfriend, who favours an egg mcmuffin as a morning work snack pinched a few and has asked me to make them again. If that’s not enough of a kick up the bum to try these then I don’t know what is.

I don’t own the perfect fit protein as they don’t sell it here in the UK and to be honest I think you should just bag yourself a high quality vanilla protein powder and youre good to go. Here the one I use:


I’ve written the recipe out in grams as I don’t use cup measurements:

200g bananas

130g natural yogurt

1 tbsp milk

1 egg

5 tbsp honey

100g vanilla protein powder

110g almond meal

60g dark chocolate chunks

**I don’t like chunky bananas in things so I just threw everything into the food processor.

Just a final point – they don’t rise very well so don’t be alarmed, and I found 25 minutes cooked them perfectly for me in our fan oven.

Oh, and theyre really nice warm with a bit of peanut butter for some healthy fats. Enjoy!

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