The DIY essential oil blend to combat your cellulite

This is definitely the post that some of you have been waiting for…. I made this blend 7 years ago, and since then have used it religiously and even gifted it to friends who begged to use it.

Now the secret is out!

Are you going to wake up tomorrow morning cellulite free? Absolutely not. Will this flush excess fat from your body so you’re the slimmest you’ve ever been? Duh, no. Will it help reduce fluid retention and minimise your current levels of cellulite? Absolutely. I’ve also had a friend tell me it shrank her saddlebags significantly – it absolutely did but I didn’t feel I could comment on her s.bags to her face.

Either way, I love this. Am I cellulite free? No. But I have seen reduction in my cellulite, and have maintained these levels (which is pretty impressive considering I’m 31 and gave birth to a 9lb baby). Give this a go, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Just for educational purposes, the following oils are great for reducing cellulite:

Clary sage

Here is my blend. If you need to change oils because you don’t have them all, I’m quite sure this will be just as effective as long as you use oils from the above list.

120 ml sweet almond oil
20 Drops geranium essential oil
20 Drops grapefruit essential oil
20 Drops Cypress essential oil
20 Drops juniper essential oil
20 Drops fennel essential oil

As per my hair growth blend, you need a dark coloured bottle for this. Pour all of the above into the bottle and shake. Keep in a dark, cool place and use each evening before bed. Massage VIGOROUSLY into you bum checks and thighs. Literally, knead your skin like you’re making bread. I take about 2 minutes to do this – once it has all sunk in then you’re done.

Let me know how you get on.

By the way, if you don’t drink copious amounts of water and eat well, this won’t help.

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